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18 April, 2014

Bayaran BR1M dipotong RM350, apa sudah jadi?

Posted on Friday, April 18 @ 16:55:24 MYT
Dilulus untuk paparan oleh lararatu


Hafizam Harun yang mempunyai 6 orang anak terkejut apabila cuma menerima RM300 bayaran BR1M yang sepatutnya beliau layak mendapat RM650. Beliau telah pun membuat laporan. Beliau percaya ramai yang mengalami nasib yang serupa dan menggesa supaya mereka yang mempunyai nasib yang sama agar membuat laporan kepada SPRM.

Man claims he only got partial BR1M payment
18 April 2014

A 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) recipient yesterday claimed that he received only RM300 of the full RM650 cash aid.

Hafizam Harun,34, from Taman Seri Bayu, Sungai Petani, said he was shocked to find only RM300 in his bank account. The self-employed father of six, who received his BR1M aid in February, had lodged a complaint with the Inland Revenue Board last month.

An officer told him that nothing could be done as the payment had already been done. Hafizam believed that there were many others who had been "short-changed" but were reluctant to come forward.

- NST "

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